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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 11 : Constructions

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Chapter 11 : Constructions

11.1 Introduction

In Class IX, you have done certain constructions using a straight edge (ruler) and a compass, e.g., bisecting an angle, drawing the perpendicular bisector of a line segment, some constructions of triangles etc. and also gave their justifications. In this chapter, we shall study some more constructions by using the knowledge of the earlier constructions. You would also be expected to give the mathematical reasoning behind why such constructions work.

11.2 Division Of A Line Segment

Suppose a line segment is given and you have to divide it in a given ratio, say 3 : 2. You may do it by measuring the length and then marking a point on it that divides it in the given ratio. But suppose you do not have any way of measuring it precisely, how would you find the point? We give below two ways for finding such a point.

11.3 Construction Of Tangents To A Circle

You have already studied in the previous chapter that if a point lies inside a circle, there cannot be a tangent to the circle through this point. However, if a point lies on the circle, then there is only one tangent to the circle at this point and it is perpendicular to the radius through this point. Therefore, if you want to draw a tangent at a point of a circle, simply draw the radius through this point and draw a line perpendicular to this radius through this point and this will be the required tangent at the point. You have also seen that if the point lies outside the circle, there will be two tangents to the circle from this point. We shall now see how to draw these tangents.

11.4 Summary

In this chapter, you have learnt how to do the following constructions:
1. To divide a line segment in a given ratio.
2. To construct a triangle similar to a given triangle as per a given scale factor which may be less than 1 or greater than 1.
3. To construct the pair of tangents from an external point to a circle.



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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