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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 12 : Areas Related To Circles

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Chapter 12 : Areas Related To Circles

12.1 Introduction

You are already familiar with some methods of finding perimeters and areas of simple plane figures such as rectangles, squares, parallelograms, triangles and circles from your earlier classes. Many objects that we come across in our daily life are related to the circular shape in some form or the other. Cycle wheels, wheel barrow (thela), dartboard, round cake, papad, drain cover, various designs, bangles, brooches, circular paths, washers, flower beds, etc. are some examples of such objects. So, the problem of finding perimeters and areas related to circular figures is of great practical importance. In this chapter, we shall begin our discussion with a review of the concepts of perimeter (circumference) and area of a circle and apply this knowledge in finding the areas of two special ‘parts’ of a circular region (or briefly of a circle) known as sector and segment. We shall also see how to find the areas of some combinations of plane figures involving circles or their parts.

12.2 Perimeter And Area Of A Circle A Review

Recall that the distance covered by travelling once around a circle is its perimeter, usually called its circumference. You also know from your earlier classes, that circumference of a circle bears a constant ratio with its diameter.

12.3 Areas Of Sector And Segment Of A Circle

You have already come across the terms sector and segment of a circle in your earlier classes. Recall that the portion (or part) of the circular region enclosed by two radii and the corresponding arc is called a sector of the circle and the portion (or part) of the circular region enclosed between a chord and the corresponding arc is called a segment of the circle.

12.4 Areas Of Combinations Of Plane Figures

So far, we have calculated the areas of different figures separately. Let us now try to calculate the areas of some combinations of plane figures. We come across these types of figures in our daily life and also in the form of various interesting designs. Flower beds, drain covers, window designs, designs on table covers, are some of such examples. We illustrate the process of calculating areas of these figures through some examples.

12.5 Summary

1.Area of segment of a circle = Area of the corresponding sector – Area of the corresponding triangle.
2.Area of a sector of a circle with radius r and angle with degrees measure



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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