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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 4 : Materials : Metals And Non–Metals

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Chapter 4 : Materials : Metals And Non–Metals

4.1 Physical Properties Of Metals And Non – Metals

Have you ever seen a blacksmith beating an iron piece or an article made up of iron, like a spade, a shovel, an axe? Do you find a change in the shape of these articles on beating? Would you expect a similar change if we try to beat a wood log ?

4.2 Chemical Properties Of Metals And Non – Metals

A. Reaction with Oxygen
You are familiar with the phenomenon of rusting of iron. Recall the reaction by which rust is formed. You had also performed in Class VII an activity of burning a magnesium ribbon in air. You had learnt that in both the processes oxide formation takes place. Complete the following reactions of iron and magnesium with oxygen.

4.3 Uses Of Metals And Nonmetals

You should be able to guess why metals are used in making machinery, automobiles, aeroplanes, trains, satellites, industrial gadgets, cooking utensils, water boilers, etc. You are also familiar with the uses of some nonmetals. Here are some interesting ones. We are sure that you will guess them right:



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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