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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 11 : Constructions

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Chapter 11 : Constructions

11.1 Introduction

In earlier chapters, the diagrams, which were necessary to prove a theorem or solving exercises were not necessarily precise. They were drawn only to give you a feeling for the situation and as an aid for proper reasoning. However, sometimes one needs an accurate figure, for example - to draw a map of a building to be constructed, to design tools, and various parts of a machine, to draw road maps etc. To draw such figures some basic geometrical instruments are needed. You must be having a geometry box which contains the following:

11.2 Basic Constructions

11.3 Some Constructions Of Triangles

So far, some basic constructions have been considered. Next, some constructions of triangles will be done by using the constructions given in earlier classes and given above. Recall from the Chapter 7 that SAS, SSS, ASA and RHS rules give the congruency of two triangles. Therefore, a triangle is unique if : (i) two sides and the included angle is given, (ii) three sides are given, (iii) two angles and the included side is given and, (iv) in a right triangle, hypotenuse and one side is given. You have already learnt how to construct such triangles in Class VII. Now, let us consider some more constructions of triangles. You may have noted that at least three parts of a triangle have to be given for constructing it but not all combinations of three parts are sufficient for the purpose. For example, if two sides and an angle (not the included angle) are given, then it is not always possible to construct such a triangle uniquely.

11.4 Summary

In this chapter, you have done the following constructions using a ruler and a compass:

1. To bisect a given angle.
2. To draw the perpendicular bisector of a given line segment.



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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