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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 3 : Coordinate Geometry

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Chapter 3 : Coordinate Geometry

3.1 Introduction

You have already studied how to locate a point on a number line. You also know how to describe the position of a point on the line. There are many other situations, in which to find a point we are required to describe its position with reference to more than one line. For example, consider the following situations:

3.2 Cartesian System

You have studied the number line in the chapter on ‘Number System’. On the number line, distances from a fixed point are marked in equal units positively in one direction and negatively in the other. The point from which the distances are marked is called the origin. We use the number line to represent the numbers by marking points on a line at equal distances. If one unit distance represents the number ‘1’, then 3 units distance represents the number ‘3’, ‘0’ being at the origin. The point in the positive direction at a distance r from the origin represents the number r. The point in the negative direction at a distance r from the origin represents the number −r. Locations of different numbers on the number line are shown in Fig. 3.5.

3.3 Plotting A Point In The Plane If Its Coordinates Are Given

Uptil now we have drawn the points for you, and asked you to give their coordinates. Now we will show you how we place these points in the plane if we know its coordinates. We call this process “plotting the point”.

Let the coordinates of a point be (3, 5). We want to plot this point in the coordinate plane. We draw the coordinate axes, and choose our units such that one centimetre represents one unit on both the axes.

3.4 Summary

In this chapter, you have studied the following points :

1. To locate the position of an object or a point in a plane, we require two perpendicular lines. One of them is horizontal, and the other is vertical.
2. The plane is called the Cartesian, or coordinate plane and the lines are called the coordinate axes.



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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