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NCERT Solutions for Class 10

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1. NCERT Class 10 Maths

1. Real Numbers

2. Polynomials

3. Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables

4. Quadratic Equations 70

5. Arithmetic Progressions

6. Triangles

7. Coordinate Geometry

8. Introduction To Trigonometry

9. Some Applications Of Trigonometry

10. Circles

11. Constructions

12. Areas Related To Circles

13. Surface Areas And Volumes

14. Statistics

15. Probability

2. NCERT Class 10 Science

1. Chemical Reactions And Equations

2. Acids, Bases And Salts

3. Metals And Non – Metals

4. Carbon And Its Compounds

5. Periodic Classification Of Elements

6. Life Processes

7. Control And Coordination

8. How Do Organisms Reproduce?

9. Heredity And Evolution

10.Light – Reflection And Refraction

11. The Human Eye And The Colourful World

12. Electricity

13. Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

14. Sources Of Energy

15. Our Environment

16. Management Of Natural Resources

3. NCERT Class 10 Social

Contemporary India Part – II

1. Resources And Development

2. Forest And Wildlife Resources

3. Water Resources

4. Agriculture

5. Minerals And Energy Resources

6. Manufacturing Industries

7. Life Lines Of National Economy

Understanding India Economic Developement

Chapter I : Development

Chapter 2: Sectors Of The Indian Economy

Chapter 3 : Money And Credit

Chapter 4 : Globalisation And The Indian Economy

Chapter 5 : Consumer Rights

India and the Contemporary World – II

Section I: Events and Processes

Section II: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies

Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics

Democratic Politics–II

Chapter 1 : Power sharing

Chapter 2 : Federalism

Chapter 3 : Democracy and Diversity

Chapter 4 : Gender, Religion and Caste

Chapter 5 : Popular Struggles and Movements

Chapter 6 : Political Parties

Chapter 7 : Outcomes of Democracy

Chapter 8 : Challenges to Democracy

3. NCERT Class 10 English

Text Book : First Flight

1. A Letter To God G.L.FUENTES

––Dust Of Snow Robert Frost

––Fire And Ice Robert Frost

2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

––A Tiger In The Zoo Leslie Norris

3. Two Stories About Flying

–– I. His First Flight Liam O' Flaherty

–– II. Black Aeroplane Frederick Forsyth

–– The Ball Poem John Berryman

4. From The Diary Of Anne Frank Anne Frank

––Amanda! Robin Klein

5. The Hundred Dresses–I El Bsor Ester

6. The Hundred Dresses–Ii El Bsor Ester

––Animals Walt Whitman

7. Glimpses Of India

–– I. A Baker From Goa Lucio Rodrigues

–– II. Coorg Lokesh Abrol

–– III. Tea From Assam Arup Kumar Datta

–– The Trees AdrienneRich

8. Mijbil The Otter GavinMaxwell

––Fog Carl Sandburg

9. Madam Rides The Bus Vallikkannan

––The Tale Of Custard The Dragon Ogden Nash

10. The Sermon At Benares

–––For Anne Gregory William Butler Yeats

11. The Proposal Anton Chekov

Text Book : Foot Prints Without Feet

1. A Triumph of Surgery James Herriot

2. The Thief's Story Ruskin Bond

3. The Midnight Visitor Robert Arthur

4. A Question Of Trust Victor Canning

5. Footprints Without Feet H.G. Wells

6. The Making Of A Scientist Robert W. Peterson

7. The Necklace Guy De Maupassant

8. The Hack Driver Sinclair Lewis

9. Bholi K.A. Abbas

10. The Book That Saved The Earth Claire Boiko



Learning is (Super) rewarding!

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